Jr. American Goalie Tworkowski off to WHL Propsects Camp!!

Russel Del Gesso

A few words about Andrew Tworkowski… Hockey is what he has always loved, since before the age of 2, his family and his hockey is all that has mattered to him.
At 6 years old, Andrew had his first experience playing in net as a Mite. Things have changed quite a bit since Andrew was a Mite as he was playing full ice hockey with 7 & 8-year-old kids and they were using full size nets! Apparently, the borrowed goalie gear did not fit the older boy who was supposed to be playing goalie that game. When the coach was trying to decide who to play in the net, little Andrew raised his hand and said "I'll do it". The game started. Donnie (Mom) scanned the ice like all hockey moms do to make sure his skates looked tight and watch for the smiles on his face. After a solid warm-up with no Lil Man to be found, she finally realized that the player positioned in net was Andrew! While she was very nervous for him, but she cheered her heart out like she always does. As the game drew to a close, the team lost by quite a few goals and Donnie was preparing emotionally for an upset and depressed little man… however, as she walked down to the ice and approached the gate he looked up at her with wide eyes and said very excitedly "DID YOU SEE THAT MOM!? I WANT TO DO THAT EVERY GAME!!!" And the rest is history…
When speaking about Andrew, coaches Bilodeau, Greer, and Machiela all share in the sentiment that Andrew has an intense passion for not only the game, but also for the teammates he plays with. Coaching Andrew for several seasons means that they too recognize his areas that need work however they are encouraged about his desire to improve his game, searching for weaknesses in order to convert them to strengths as an individual. His goal as an anchor to the betterment of the team as a whole is at the top of his mind in all aspects of his life.

People have asked Donnie and Andrew both if it’s too much pressure, or too much stress. Andrew has maintained that this game has become his family too, for sure this team but not “just” this team, his hockey brothers and sisters everywhere. Goaltending is where he can completely clear his mind and block out the drama and stress of the daily life. A place where he can just focus on one thing...the game. And as for Donnie, of course she gets worried from time to time during those close games, but she finds comfort in knowing that Andrew has found a place where he is comfortable… where he continues to grow in a positive direction each and every day.
Accomplishments like these take an enormous commitment by families, coaches, teams, and the players themselves. Andrew, we are awed by your excellence and will continue to watch as you forge ahead and climb the ladder.  Congratulations on this one, of what we are sure will be many more looks in your career of successes!

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